EKidz – A unit of the NARAYANA group of the schools, India provide supreme level of the quality education system on the part of the Pre- Primary.


Primary education is considered as the foremost stage of formal schooling and in this state, children are brought up with the all basic studies.


Master of the education, Asia largest education institution is promoting to brings out a number of the professional students.


Education Is the Stepping Stone For Ideal Life

“Education Is the Manifestation Of The Perfection Already In Man“- Swami Vivekananda

Narayana e-Techno School has been a sturdy built standing on the pillars of clued up teachers, integrated curriculum, curious students, and an inspiring infrastructure. The school follows nationally accepted CBSE board to enhance the global reach of its students.
Our Philosophy
We concoct an environment of learning which naturally stimulates children to be a part of teaching-learning activities. This, we do by bringing them out of the confines of the classroom and taking them to activity centered world, labs, playgrounds, library, museum, and trips to the real world.
Believing that every child is a natural learner, we ensure their engagement in activities that can boost their curiosity and self-confidence. Moreover, it has been seen that children tend to start an activity with enthusiasm but leave it half way unaccomplished, for this, we encourage our kids to bring the finest end to whatever they start, the most important lesson of life. We aim at opening avenues for them where they can appreciate diversity and enrich their experiences.


Our Features

News and Events

It updated new information regarding present events and Journalist offer news via various social media.

Media Gallery

The media module is to offer high media gallery and presently, it gives hand to images as well as YouTube videos well.


NARAYANA Schools, still Continue their Success Spree with hard work in SIMO OLYMPIADS STAGE-I 2017

Method of teaching

Skills-oriented teaching

We empower our students with problem-solving capacity, and an ability to think critically and make an independent decision whenever needed. We inculcate in them leadership quality along with enabling them with the compassionate spirit and ability to consider others views.

Child-oriented learning

Whatever curriculum approach we follow, we keep it all child-centered, as they are the soul of our school.  Teaching them according to their understanding capacity can retain their interest and can settle down in their mind. This includes prodigy game, fishbowl, student-generated test questions, etc.

Play way method

From kids to adults, play can teach a lot, thus, we utilize this to ensure holistic development of children.  This makes learning outcomes open, distinguished and flexible while can be taught within minimal facilitation. This includes making mnemonics, organizing field trip activities, outdoor play, etc.

Activity-based approach

Learning by Doing has no comparison. Things done by hands leave an everlasting impact on us, they teach us and also make us learn. Skits, classroom interactions, group discussions, puzzles, games, and storyboards are a part of it.


The Narayana Schools Aurangabad offers the best education to everyone who wishes to get attention on the higher secondary class from them. Narayana e-champs is primary section in Narayana Group of Schools to guide the young minds for treading path of confidence and curiosity. e – champs curriculum establishes the child to easily grown on the multiple dimensions to make children with open minded, ethical and caring individuals. If you are searching the Nursery schools, the Narayana schools offer dynamic education system to the students. In addition, nursery schools in Aurangabad are giving the best system to the students to enrich the educational functionalities.

Teachers and other stuff at Narayana Aurangabad are not the instructors but guides and mentors who can shape up child’s understanding but letting them decide what, when and how to pursue. We don’t force learning as we believe that children are naturally inclined towards learning and knowing about things, utilizing this curiosity we try to bring best out of them gradually. We aim at developing self -reliant and independent learners who can turn into valuable citizens.


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