“School is the second home and teachers are the second parents”, someone has quoted it accurately.

A student put it a considerable chunk of his life in schools and appropriate schooling will certainly assist them to mold their future in a better way. If you are exploring for the Best School in Aurangabad, then Narayana Educational Institution will be on your list. We are building world leaders and global citizens of tomorrow by nurturing the students with the utmost care and yielding them with the knowledge so that they can lend a hand to build the nation.

Narayana School in Aurangabad helps every student to comprehend their core strength and feed them with an approach so they will emerge as a better social well being.  We bestow an academic environment for every child and treat them as a ‘one in a million’ personality so that it will exhibit their maximum potential and bring out the best in them.

One of the leading educational institution in Aurangabad

Narayana School is the Best School in Aurangabad as we have endured to educate more than four lacs of students by highly qualified teachers and operating the institution for over three decades which makes us one of the popular school chains throughout the nation. We ensure that the students should have an inclination towards extracurricular activities rather than just gorging on textbooks mindlessly. We offer a profusion of facilities to the young minds which will help to prosper them as a genuine individual in the society. Such facilities include digitalized classrooms, public announcement system, CCTV coverage, assurance of child’s safety, 100% transparency, the fastest transmission of information and many more.

We encourage every individual to take part in every activities and event which develops leadership skills and enhances bonding between their classmates. We tend to impart them not only with education but also teach them moral values which makes them humble towards other people around them. It is really important to enlighten the kids and educate them rightly about various things which might not be the part of their curriculum but it is important to learn in life. The teachers at Narayan educational Institution are highly certified professionals in a variety of departments and they are ready to be the torchbearers of your child. We foster the curiosity of the little ones and give them the relevant explanation for their imagination.

There are plenty of schools in Aurangabad, but the facilities and faculties at Narayana educational institution make us stand out from the crowd. We promise to deliver and cater the need as well as the responsibility of your child. We strongly believe that learning is a process and making it interesting will make the child understandable and acceptable. We will help your kids to grow up as a responsible citizen and school will never be a burden for your little ones.