Freedom is the foundation of primary education

Children walk in Narayana as toddlers, go through their primary journey and depart from Narayana after becoming responsible adults. At the primary stage, we nurture our students to shape their mind and understanding to set their life goals. Goals drafted at this stage have a high possibility of accomplishment. Thus, rather than forcing learning we try to empower them to take it as simple as possible by pursuing it using their natural tendencies. After years of services, all this helped us to achieve the accolade of being Best Primary school in Aurangabad.


We provide them a safe and culturally diverse environment where they focus on both social coalitions while realizing their academic potentials. We fill them with sparks of creativity and curiosity to discover the most. We love to maintain a healthy relationship with parents to understand the background of child to groom him accordingly. Keeping the development of 21st century in mind, we feed their understanding with adept and innovative activities and solutions. For this, we organize tactile play area water play and Sand play.


Academic booster

Our integrated approach to academic curriculum helps us to nurture leaders, scientist and engineers of tomorrow with equal value for art and culture. We aim at promoting their holistic development to nurture superior being with a healthy mind, body, and soul.

We dissuade cramming books or instructive learning while allowing children to set up their priorities,   plan and scheduling them to achieve. We promote an organized and disciplined approach to bring their latencies out.


Skill Oriented Lessons

We organize skill oriented lessons as we believe lessons learned at this stage would settle in mind for long. For this, we teach them to get along well with other pupils, follow group activit5es, games, discussion, and lots more. Other than this, we promote healthy interaction which not only includes explaining oneself clearly but also to value other though and viewpoints. For this, we teach them to understand first and then to be understood i.e. the habit of listening before speaking.  We also promote independent thinking by boosting natural intelligence of each child and allow them to paint their empty canvas with multiple desired shades and so their lives.


Inspirational Infrastructure

Our highly skilled teachers pay individual attention to every child and thus provide them age-appropriate equipment toys games and books. The well-lit, airy, spacious classrooms; state-of-the-art infrastructure, library, playground for all kind of games and other amenities are a part of our school. We create a learning-friendly environment by organizing open-air classes to provoke their interest.